Southern Child Welfare Training Partnership University of Wisconsin - Madison
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I cancel my registration, do I still have to pay the fee?
A: Typically, the registration fee covers the cost of the food that is ordered. Hotels require the Partnership to guarantee the exact meal count 3 business days prior to the first day of the training. Once that count has been given to the hotel, it cannot be reduced and at this point the cancellation request has been received too late and the fee must be paid. However, if you send another person who was not already registered to take your place, we will not charge you for the cancellation. We ask that you send your cancellation notice or your request to switch persons for the training to us in WRITING because verbal requests sometimes do not get the proper action taken and it is in your best interest to have it documented in case you receive an invoice.

Q: Why do we have to write our miles and travel time down each day we attend a training?
A: The documentation you supply for your actual roundtrip miles and your roundtrip travel time is converted to a dollar amount that we bill to the Federal Government at the end of the year. The Federal Government reimburses the Partnership for a percentage of that amount and this helps to keep the daily cost of the training low and it also off-sets the annual contribution paid by each of the counties. You do not have to write your miles when you carpooled and were not the driver, but we do ask that you document your travel time.

Q: Can I still come to the training if I have an appointment that day and will miss a portion of the training? A: This needs to be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact Connie Koebke as soon as possible to discuss which portion you will miss. Connie can be reached at (608) 265-6241 or

Q: Why do Private Agencies pay a higher daily fee for trainings?
A: The $20.00 per day registration fee for counties is supplemented by an annual contribution paid by the county, as well as Federal dollars claimed as in-kind match. Private Agency staff are not eligible under the Federal Guidelines for this match and Private Agencies do not pay into the Partnership system. Some counties contract with Private Agencies for services and these pay the Member rate. If you have any questions about this, please contact Erik Pritzl at (608) 890-0975 or